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Welcome to Zoopothecary, where something magical is brewing!

What is zoopothecary? 

I’m glad you asked!

Technically a zoopothecary is someone who is skilled in the collection, creation and use of remedies that are used in the healing of magical creatures. I am a zoopothecary, and my name is Panmeli!

I run a zoopothecary shop in the distant, mystical land of Myrinisia that is affiliated with the renowned Myrinisia Academy of Healing Arts. That's where you can find me most of the time, except when you do not. 

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Through my shop I supply the team at the Akademy (don’t worry, you’ll meet them soon) and keep them well equipped to handle the various mundane and magical maladies that befall the inhabitants of Myrinisia from time to time.


By the look on your face I sense you still have questions, yes?


Well, have you heard of a comic book? Ah, I see that you have! Part of how you will meet all of us here in Myrinisia is through such a device - but the comic book is not going to be available to you for several months unless you peer through the Portal of Patreon | Pam Boutilier:


If you are not a traveller of the Portal of Patreon do not fret, for you can still get introductions to the inhabitants of Myrinisia by consulting the Tome of Faces:

or by visiting the Aviary:


or ... um... Instantaneously… Gramming?

(I need a more clever name than that!)


But wait! There’s more!


My zoopothecary shop has interesting items from time to time that you might find useful. Click on the signpost on the main page to be transported there instantly!

But if you are not well-versed in the use of portals and would like to have news of my travels and shop delivered to you personally, you can join my flitterlist below and a wee flittermouse will magically deliver a monthly scroll to you!


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