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Terms of Use: and are owned and operated by Pam Boutilier of Cat in a Box Studio. By accessing this website you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use as laid out below.

Please don't do bad things on my website! If you do bad things I reserve the right block you from it at any time without prior warning or notice.

This site may contain links to external sites - I have no control over those websites and provide the links only for your convenience.


Pam Boutilier owns the copyright to all artwork displayed on this website. 

Unless otherwise stated everything displayed on my site is for viewing and non-distribution personal use only. Nothing on this site can be reproduced, sold, remixed, or distributed in any way without express permission of the siteholder unless otherwise specifically stated.

Privacy Policy: 

If you subscribe to the Zoopothecary newsletter you are agreeing to receive updates by email.

My biggest personal rule is that I won't do anything to my subscribers that I wouldn't want done to me when I sign up for an email list - so that means:

I will not send you stuff that isn't Zoopothecary related.

I will not sell or give your email to anyone else.

I will not spam you with a bunch of emails (I'm not organized enough for that anyway :D)

You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Also NOTE: I also have a freelance illustration business named Cat in a Box Studio. Some of my business materials are in that name so if you see anything with Cat in a Box on it don't worry - it's still me!

~ Pam

If you have any questions message me here:

Message sent!

This is here because I had to put it in to set up livestreaming on Patreon... I will hopefully be able to remove it once stuff is up and running!

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