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The palm bottle is the smallest. Very portable, it fits snugly into an adult hand. It is intended to be held rather than left sitting and thus the potion is formulated to maximize responsiveness to movement. As you gently move the bottle the glitter will roll and swirl in soothing patterns. Set your palm bottle near the computer, the phone or the TV - anywhere you might need something to fidget with!


Firespirit (Red):

In many magical lands Firespirit potions are standard medical supplies for those who go adventuring. In your realm they don’t act quite the same way, but the ingredients resonate with the prime energies in a person to encourage health and healing.


Your potion may ‘breathe’ when exposed to warmer temperatures, if you see a small droplet anywhere on the cork just wipe it away. If there are persistent issues or actual leakage please contact me.

Firespirit potion - Palm size