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Calming Wave Potion

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

The first potion I learned to brew captures the peaceful fractal patterns of waves hitting the shore, creating eddies and endlessly folding in on themselves. Like watching the ocean waves, this potion helps to center and calm you.

Calming Wave Potion (Traditional Globe Bottle)

Calming Wave Potions are focused on grounding and calming energies.

Charge up the potion by gently swirling it during those times that you feel most peaceful and calm. The time of day varies from person to person, but typically will involve a quiet place of gentle solitude. Once charged, keep your potion handy and when life starts to get a little too hectic, noisy and overwhelming give it a swirl and stare into the deep, blue depths. Focus on the endless motion of the waves in your bottle and breathe until you are drawn a little bit out of the chaos and can recenter yourself.

Brewing instructions:


  • One cauldron; Blue dragon-fired cauldrons give the best results for this potion type

  • Toenail clippings from a Mountain Giant

  • Dust from a blue faerie

  • Sap from the Savasmios tree

  • Hair from a mersloth

  • Dried eirini flower

  • Stillness from a moonlit lake

General instructions for collecting and preparing materials:

It is of utmost importance that all materials are collected or donated with a peaceful heart from creatures who are in a very contented and calm state of mind.

Some have wondered that mountain giant toenails are part of this potion - but to feel calmness you have to feel a certain degree of groundedness, and there are few creatures more grounded than mountain giants! There is a lot of misinformation about the hygiene of giants in general. They do tend to walk barefoot and so it is common for them to have soil and dirt on their feet, but there’s nothing a mountain giant likes more than a pedicure! It also helps that they are usually feeling pretty calm and peaceful while getting one, which makes it an excellent opportunity to collect toenail clippings!

Blue faeries are probably the most elusive of all the fey. They most often come to those who are sleeping and dreaming, though it is not unheard of for a curious blue faerie to approach a person in meditation and simply watch them from just past the periphery of their vision. If one is lucky the faerie will leave a trace of dust behind. Several such visits and you might have enough to brew a potion!

Savasmios is the oldest tree in all Myrinisia. The trip to visit them takes a full month to make, as Savasmios grows at the very top of the Mountain of Sofia. The travel is well worth the effort though, as Savasmios loves company and has tales from thousands of years of life that they are always happy to share. After a nice visit Savasmios will usually allow a visitor to take a droplet of the blue sap that seeps gradually from their bark, just enough to brew a batch of calming wave potion!

Mersloth are generally known to be pretty chill creatures, happy to hang in a secure spot munching on the algae that grows around them. If you find a quiet dock on a freshwater lake or pond, the kind that you could sit on and watch a sunrise while dangling their feet in the cool water, there is a good chance that there will be a mersloth or two living underneath it. Sometimes the long fur of the mersloth is difficult to distinguish from seaweed or lake grass swaying in the current, but just look for the friendly smile and you’ll spot a mersloth in no time. If you find the right lake you may also be able to collect stillness from it after the night falls quiet, the mersloths are sleeping, and the only sounds are from crickets, peepers and the occasional loon whose call echoes over the placid water.

Lastly dried flowers from the eirini plant will round out your brew. The natural anti-anxiety and sleep boosting effects of the eirini plant will provide further calming and enhance the blue colouring of the final potion.

General instructions for brewing:

For the Calming Wave potion the order in which ingredients are added is not important, what really counts is how the potion is stirred. In order to harness the calming energy of the ocean it is important to maintain a consistent slow but steady circulation of the potion as it brews. It can take several hours for the ingredients to come to an agreement, and during that time the potion brewer must maintain the deepest level of calmness possible (without falling asleep).

I find that sitting by a warm fire on a misty, cool day and stirring the potion while chatting with an old friend over a cup of coffee is an excellent way to maintain a peaceful attitude and patience with the stirring.

Good luck and happy brewing! And if you don’t have the means to create your own Calming Wave Potion I should have some available in my potion shop so stop on by!

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